Hi, I'm Kyra
 Owner of Lavender Meadows Co.

My skincare journey started at a very young age..

I suffered from chronic acne and sensitive skin that I did not understand how to treat. I tried everything that stores offered and resorted to covering my face in makeup to feel comfortable in my skin. 

I was drawn to products that were astringent and left my skin feeling dry. I also looked for products that promised to be “oil-free.” I often scrubbed my face quite roughly, as if I could wash the acne away. I had no clue that I was doing more harm than good for my skin.

Eventually, I sought the help of a skin specialist who confirmed my preconceived belief that “my skin was bad.” I was given aggressive treatment options, but I was not given the basic instructions on what my skin truly needed.

The products begin to take form..

When I became a mother, I had to find safe products for my child. I realized that not all skincare is created equal. I decided enough was enough, and I researched how to make my own skincare.

My background as a pharmacy technician gave me the necessary foundation to formulate. I studied the anatomy and physiology of the skin, and the best ingredients for the skin. The formulas began to take form and eventually led to real products.

I believe that if you show your skin love through gentle products and consistent care, it will love you back. Now that I have figured out how to care for my skin, I feel more like myself, and I don’t feel the need to cover myself in makeup. I hope that everyone can experience this feeling because everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin.