Where was the pregnancy glow?

I was ready for the “pregnancy glow”! I was not ready for the hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and the constantly itchy belly. 

After having my son, postpartum was filled with skin woes. Cracked nipples and overall dull skin due to stress and lack of sleep.

Many of the products recommended to me were not safe for pregnancy. The ones that were safe had synthetic fillers that did nothing to really improve my skin.

I zeroed in on the maternal characteristics found in certain plants..

As a pharmacy technician with three years of experience, I wanted to see more products made from natural remedies. Not just synthetic.

I used my training from Formula Botanica to create natural skincare remedies that counteract the hormones, stress, and lack of sleep that mothers experience.

I zeroed in on the maternal instincts found in fruits, flowers and seeds. What I like to call “maternal-actives”. 

Immediately I saw improvements. Balanced oil production, soft hydration, reduced skin redness, smooth skin texture, and a juicy glow.

Mothers deserve to feel happy in their skin..

As I cared for my skin, self-criticism turned into self-appreciation. I finally found happiness with my natural appearance. 

I want to help mothers feel beautiful even through those difficult stages of motherhood. That’s why I created skincare that is effective and safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing.

It’s time to discover the power of Mother Nature’s Maternal-Actives!