Skin color changes can be the result of hormone changes, sun damage, free radical damage from pollution/smoke, or acne scarring.

Scarring, sun spots, and redness can cause you to feel self-conscious and embarrassed. 

You want people to see YOU not the flaws on your skin. 

We have come up with a method that will give you freedom and empowerment.

Don't waste money on trending products or treatments that bring temporary happiness but do nothing for the health of your skin and can even have negative effects on your health.


Step 1: Use Antioxidants Daily.

Use antioxidants like Vitamin C daily in your skincare. They help prevent free radical damage from UV rays, pollution, or smoke which lead to skin discoloration.

The Brightening Fruit Essence contains the highest form of natural Vitamin C with Kiwi, Strawberry, and Bilberry extract.


Step 2: Promote Skin Cell Turnover

GENTLY promote skin cell regeneration. Traditional methods can do more harm by damaging your skin barrier.

Bakuchiol is a natural Retinol alternative. When studied in comparison to Retinol it performed the same in helping fade discoloration, including post-acne marks. You can find it in our Renewing Flower Serum.

Fruit Acids contain alpha-hydroxy acids that can dissolve the glue holding dead skin cells together and encourage fresh skin cell growth. They can be found in our Fruit Parfait Exfoliation Mask.


Step 3: Repair and Heal 

This step is critical for those experiencing acne that could lead to scarring.

Never pick at or pop pimples. This increases the likelihood of scarring. Instead use a Mighty Patch.

Make sure you use skincare with Centella Asiatica and Chamomile.

Centella: improves the re-epithelization (wound closure), stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, and increases collagen synthesis.

Chamomile: improves re-epithelization of wounds.  In the study, the antimicrobial activity of the chamomile extract showed a 61% reduction in the size of the wound, higher rate of epithelialization, as well as increased restoration of injured skin.

You can find both of these in our Renewing Flower Serum.


Step 4: Fade Discoloration

Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 is a safe and gentle way to lighten and fades discoloration 8-12 weeks. It can also be found in our Renewing Flower Serum.


Step 5: Support with Nutrition

A healthy diet is critical! Vitamin A is vital for the production of healthy skin cells. Lack of vitamin A weakens the skin and leads to slower healing. 

Vitamin A can be found in red meats and leafy greens. Many women are deficient in this vitamin so taking a Beef Liver Supplement can be helpful.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects your skin from damage and is also critical for collagen synthesis. So always keep some fresh fruit in your home!

DON’T FORGET to use SPF daily to prevent sun damage. The other steps would be ineffective without using SPF each day.

Shop our Time to Repair skincare routine to improve the look of hyperpigmentation.

You should feel confident in your skin without relying on makeup.