You might expect the postpartum period to be filled with peaceful days of rocking your baby broken up by walks in the park.

But postpartum recovery is not a walk in the park.

The raging fire from down under, cracked nipples, stretch marks, and sore muscles dampen what should be a time of rest and connection for both YOU and your baby.

Many hospital products are a HUGE disfavor to women. 

The sprays provide temporary (I’m talking about 10 minutes) relief.

The same spray and medicated pads are filled with harmful chemicals including hormone disruptors.

The breastfeeding balm is a sticky synthetic material that does not promote skin repair in any way.

I could go on... but I’ll stop there..

I’m passionate about quality postpartum products that promote skin health and lasting relief.

We use natural, organic, medicinal plant ingredients.

We do NOT use sensitizing ingredients such as fragrance, alcohol, parabens, and sulfates.

Our preservatives are Ecocert certified. These products are safe for sensitive skin and provide incredible relief for inflamed or itchy areas.

Here some of our best ingredients for the healing process:

- Chamomile - Chamomile hastens wound drying and the process of epithelialization, which is important for the wound to successfully close. One reputable study found that the antimicrobial activity of chamomile extract demonstrated a 61% reduction in the size of the wound, higher rate of epithelialization, and improved restoration of injured skin.

- Centella - Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and increases collagen synthesis. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that provide lasting relief to the area.

- Avocado Oil is full of minerals and vitamins A, C, D, and E. It is an excellent source of enrichment for dry or damaged skin. It has also been shown to increase collagen synthesis which helps repair damaged skin cells.

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