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The never-ending to-do list in motherhood can be overwhelming. At times, it feels like an insurmountable mountain of tasks that looms over us, threatening to bury us in its demands. I recently experienced this firsthand when my family embarked on a significant move, bringing with it a tidal wave of responsibilities that seemed to fill every waking moment. From packing trailer loads to keeping track of move-in dates for new tenants, anticipating my husband's graduation, and remembering my brother's wedding date – the list seemed endless, and it left me feeling like I was falling behind. But through a journey of self-discovery, I learned valuable lessons about how to stop worrying about my never-ending to-do list.

1. Your Life Isn't Measured by Milestones: 
The first step to easing the burden of a never-ending to-do list is to recognize that life is not defined by the tasks we complete or the milestones we achieve. It's easy to get caught up in the relentless pursuit of checking off boxes, but in doing so, we risk missing out on the present.

2. Focus on What You DID Do: 
Rather than fixating on what you haven't accomplished, shift your focus to what you have achieved. For me, acknowledging the basics I managed to complete each day became a lifeline. Sometimes, just getting through the essentials can be a tremendous accomplishment in itself.

3. Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself: 
Motherhood comes with immense pressure, much of which we place on ourselves. It's crucial to remember that your children's love for you isn't contingent on whether you've completed every task on your to-do list. What you have accomplished is more than enough.

4. Establish a Personal Routine: 
Even in the chaos of motherhood, having a personal routine can bring a sense of control and stability. Begin your day by dedicating time to yourself, whether it's a simple skincare routine or a moment of meditation. These small acts of self-care can provide a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.


The never-ending to-do list in motherhood may always be there, but it doesn't have to consume us. By shifting our perspective, focusing on what we have done, and being kinder to ourselves, we can find the balance we need to enjoy the present. Remember, life isn't about checking off boxes; it's about savoring the moments, embracing the chaos, and cherishing the love that surrounds us in motherhood.

August 19, 2023 — Kyra Venable

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