Bringing a new life into the world is an incredible journey, but it's also a time when self-care and support are paramount. As an experienced mother, I know the importance of being well-prepared for the postpartum period. Instead of the traditional hospital bag, this time around I'm opting for a postpartum cart filled with items that not only facilitate my healing but also bring me joy. This time around, armed with knowledge from my previous experience, I'm making sure I have all the essentials I wished I had the first time. I am sharing that list with you, and I hope you can take away some insight for yourself.

Thermal Water Bottle with a Straw: Staying Hydrated in Style
One of the simplest yet most essential items in your postpartum cart is a thermal water bottle with a straw. Staying hydrated is crucial during this time, and having a stylish bottle with a convenient straw makes it easier to sip on fluids without hassle.


Frida Postpartum Mesh Underwear—The Boyshorts: Comfort Meets Functionality
Bid farewell to uncomfortable, ill-fitting underwear. The Frida postpartum mesh boyshorts are a game-changer. They combine comfort and functionality, providing the support you need while ensuring you feel at ease.


Upside-Down Peri Bottle: Smart and Effective Hygiene
The upside-down peri bottle is a genius addition to your postpartum arsenal. It simplifies personal hygiene during recovery, offering easy and precise cleansing when you need it the most.


Frida Ice Maxi Pads: Cooling Relief
Postpartum discomfort is no match for Frida Ice Maxi Pads. These cooling pads offer soothing relief, making those initial days after childbirth more manageable.


Revitalize Postpartum Cream: Nourish and Rejuvenate
Your postpartum cart wouldn't be complete without the Revitalize Postpartum Cream. Packed with natural ingredients like Lupin Flower and Abyssinian Oil, it's designed to strengthen stretched skin fibers, improve stretch marks, and provide lasting softness without compromising your baby's well-being.


Boob Balm: Soothe and Protect
Breastfeeding can take a toll on your skin. A good quality boob balm is a soothing solution for keeping your skin healthy and comfortable.

Herbal Mist: Refreshing and Uplifting

An herbal mist is a delightful addition to your postpartum journey. Spritz it on your face and body for a refreshing and uplifting experience. It is also a natural perineal spray!

Lavender Soaking Salts: Relaxation on Demand

Lavender soaking salts can turn an ordinary bath into a spa-like experience. Take some time to relax and rejuvenate in the soothing embrace of lavender-scented water.

Silver Nursing Caps: Gentle Protection

Silver nursing caps provide gentle protection for your nipples during breastfeeding, reducing discomfort and promoting healing.

Breast Pads: Stay Dry and Comfortable
Keep breast pads on hand to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. They are essential for managing milk leakage.

Hot/Cold Breast Packs: Versatile Relief

Hot/cold breast packs are versatile tools to relieve breast discomfort. Whether you need soothing warmth or cooling relief, these packs have you covered.

Afterease Herbal Supplement: Managing Post-Labor Contractions

After labor, contractions can be challenging. An herbal supplement like Afterease can help ease the discomfort and support your recovery

Your postpartum cart is a testament to your dedication to self-care and well-being during this transformative time. By choosing items that bring you joy and enhance your healing process, you're setting yourself up for a more comfortable and enjoyable postpartum experience. With these carefully selected essentials, you can focus on what truly matters – bonding with your new addition to the family. Here's to a joyful and healing postpartum journey!

September 25, 2023 — Kyra Venable

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