Why Your Moisturizer Makes You Breakout

 I once believed that this was good advice, and thought that a moisturizer containing oils and butters would clog up my pores and make me breakout. But I learned what nobody is talking about!
October 04, 2022

Look for the Authenticity

I’ll admit that when my husband said he wanted to start a garden this year, I was not on board..


Raising Rowan, running a business, managing the house, and Scott starting his first year of Nurse Anesthetist school.. our days were already full.


Scott was persistent though and I’m glad he was.


There is something about watching your food grow that gives you an appreciation for this Earth and reminds you of the beauty in authenticity.


In a world where we don’t have to wait for strawberries to be in season to enjoy a slice of Angel Food cake or leave our house to pick out a new rug and lamp for the living room.


Authenticity is so easily forgotten in our society.


The months it took to grow that strawberry and the weeks it took a designer to perfect the colors of that rug.


I hope that you feel this authenticity every time you use our skincare. 


A genuine product that nourishes your skin to inspire you to feel confident in your natural beauty.


Our maternal active ingredients include butters and oils that are raw and unrefined to provide your skin with maximum nourishment. 


We use fruits and flowers that are free of pesticides and help to repair and protect your skin. 


We use non toxic skincare ingredients that protect your health especially during critical times like pregnancy. 


All of these things allow us to create skincare safe for sensitive skin and ultimately better for your health.


Have you experienced the Lavender Meadow difference in your skin?


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September 22, 2022

Retinol Vs Bakuchiol

Does this narrative sound familiar to you? Maybe you stumbled across this blog because you are in that googling process. The truth is, it isn’t easy to find skincare safe for pregnancy. But you're lucky that you found us, because we have the answer and solution for you…keep reading.

September 22, 2022

What Vitamin C Really Does To Your Skin

While Vitamin C can be a powerful ingredient that brightens dull skin, it can be a harmful ingredient if used the wrong way. Thankfully, there is a natural alternative.
September 16, 2022

Advice To Save You From Overwhelm

Habits that will help you achieve your goals and find more fulfillment in your role as mother.
September 12, 2022

Is Your Facial Cleanser Causing More Harm than Good?

Many facial cleansers can leave your skin feeling tight, dry, and irritated. This is due to an ingredient that depletes your skin of necessary hydration and protection. But there is a better alternative that is safe and beneficial for sensitive skin.
September 09, 2022

Does Your Skin Feel Dull & Blotchy?

Up until the last few years, I relied on makeup to contour and tone my uneven skin tone and skin redness.


I also used highlighter to make my dull skin appear like it had a natural glow. 


I hated relying on makeup to feel good in my skin, because I lost all confidence anytime I didn't have it on.


Luckily, I found a solutions to support my skin's natural glow and calm my irritated and inflamed skin.


Here are the three things that you need for a natural glow!


1. Fruit Antioxidants: Antioxidants, like the Vitamin C found in many fruits, help prevent skin damage which leads to dullness and pigmentation. Great to keep skin looking bright and alive!

2. Licorice Root: A soothing ingredient that inhibits the production of an enzyme needed to produce melanin (skin discoloration). Ideal for blotchiness and uneven skin tone!

3. Butterfly Pea Flower: Increases the presence of the antioxidant made naturally by the body, glutathione. Ultra protection to keep UV rays, pollution, and other free radicals from altering your complexion.


You can find all of these ingredients in the Brightening Fruit Essence! Created to help you feel free and confident in your natural skin.


No more contouring or highlighter. Just the natural good stuff that helps your skin glow!

September 09, 2022

Becoming Unapologetically, Authentically You

I just wanted to share something that has been in my heart for the last few days...

There was a time that I struggled to be authentic in a world of filters and expectations of styled hair, painted nails, contoured makeup, trendy clothes, a fit figure, and tan skin.


As a previous marketing director, I felt pressure to look my best and meet these criteria.


I tried to meet societies expectations which caused me to disconnect from myself and feel unhappy. 


I believe that the more we surround ourselves with these kinds of expectations the harder it is to maintain our inner authenticity. The kind of authenticity that lights our eyes, inspires our children, and lifts those around us.


This journey to help women find confidence in their raw beauty has allowed me to seek out the things that make me feel genuine.


These things include nourishing my body with wholesome foods, moving it in daily exercise, getting fresh air, as well as nurturing the outside of my body by diligently caring for my skin and hair.


As I do this, I reconnect with myself and I am able to unapologetically show up as a better mother, wife, and friend.


Start by nourishing your skin with fragrance free skincare so that you can feel confident and shed off the layers of makeup and photo filters.


I can’t even begin to tell you the freedom and joy it brings me to finally wear and appreciate my natural skin.


Now you can too! Lavender Meadows Co is a dedicated to providing skincare for sensitive skin and skincare that is safe for pregnancy.


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May 02, 2022

Feeling Burnt Out?

A few months ago, I became completely consumed with growing my business, Lavender Meadows, and being a full time mom.


I was working on several new projects like the Postpartum Care Package, business sales were steadily increasing, and I was adjusting to being at home with my son all day. Meanwhile my husband was immersed in his new doctorate program.


Life was crazy. I worked non stop. I didn’t give my body the nutrition it needed, I wasn’t getting enough sleep.


I often felt a lot of anxiety and stress. I also wasn’t getting the physical exercise my body needed.


Have you ever been there?


I decided that something needed to change and I kept looking for a quick fix. I thought of possible solutions like a new piece of technology for my business, hiring a sitter, signing up for a meal delivery service, or maybe even a house cleaner.


Then a miracle happened!


One day I ran across the profile of an old friend who is now a health coach. I partnered her to do a segment on nutrition and skin health. We also talked about the importance of non-toxic skincare ingredients.


After learning about her program, I decided to sign up because it offered two solutions to problems I was facing. It was a way to get some exercise and improve my nutritional habits.


I didn’t realize that those would be the two components that would solve everything else in my life.


Once I started giving my body the care it needed to function I had more energy, my motivational drive increased, and I was more content in my role as a mother.


I thought of new ways to increase efficiency in my motherhood skincare business and I had more energy to care for my son.


Exercise and eating healthy have become non negotiable in my life. I often catch myself wanting to work through lunchtime by grabbing a processed snack or skipping a workout.


I always remind myself that the dream is not worth living if I’m not living. When my body is strong I feel invincible and free. 


For those of you have already figured this out, keep rockin it! But for those of you who may have lost track of what is important, here is your reminder... you are the most important thing. It's not selfish, self care is vital.

April 26, 2022

The reality of motherhood is not what you expected..

Motherhood is a beautiful gift that I do not take for granted... but it definitely did not come easy for me!


Mother's Day is coming up and I wanted to take a moment to honor all of the moms out there. I also wanted to share my personal experience transitioning to motherhood.


I always dreamed of becoming a mom and I couldn't wait for the day that I could hold a little baby in my arms. I remember holding my son a month after he was born (Mother's Day 2019) and crying my eyes out in misery and frustration.


I learned that motherhood is not the beautiful picture of bliss that I had imagined. I struggled to come to terms with my new reality. I felt like my life had been permanently halted and I worried that I would never feel like myself again.


My son just turned three last week and I look back at those moments in wonder at how much things have changed. Becoming a mother was by far the hardest thing I have ever done, but it has taught me patience and forgiveness in a way that nothing else in this world could have.


No matter what stage of motherhood you are in make sure you take time to rest and recover so that you can feel happy and have more energy. 


We created the Postpartum Care Package to help mothers care for their changing body and help moms remember: "Caring for yourself should never be an afterthought".


We use maternal active ingredients made from fruits, flowers, and seeds that help your postpartum body heal and recover.


We also use pregnancy safe skincare ingredients so that you can confidently care for your body without fear.


Shop our Postpartum Care Package


This postpartum gift set has an assortment of the best skincare for pregnancy and postpartum. 


Make sure a mom doesn't feel forgotten and give her some relief and comfort this Mother's Day.

April 21, 2022

Is your cleanser doing your skin more harm than good?

Over a year ago, I created my very first facial skincare product.. a cleanser! This cleanser left my skin feeling squeaky clean. After some time, I learned that the "squeaky clean" feeling came with some unforeseen consequences.


This cleanser was "all natural" but it missed the mark on several other important aspects. After I removed the cleanser from my shop, which happened to be a best seller, I began a long journey to understand why a cleanser is so important and how it has drastic effect on our skin health.


I'll share how this story ends, but first let's talk about what you need to look for in a good cleanser.




Surfactants break down the dirt and oils on your skin but they also break down the lipids that make up your skin barrier. An easy way to know if your cleanser is too harsh is to take note if your skin is left feeling tight and dry after a wash.


One ingredient to especially avoid is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. 


You can also check the ingredients listed on your cleanser using this website : https://www.skincarisma.com/ingredient-analyzer




Is your cleanser PH balanced? Cleansers with a high PH disrupt the acid mantle of our barrier by breaking down the ceramides that hold skin cells together leading to dry, itchy, sometimes oily skin.


Soap based cleansers have a high PH. This includes bar soaps and cleansers made with castile soap.


At this point you may be a little flustered thinking that cleansers do more harm than good. I've been there! I was so frustrated when I found out that the cleanser I had been using was doing my skin a huge disservice. 


Just keep this in mind.. Cleansing is essential to healthy skin.


We just need to pick a cleanser that will do good for our skin vs one that just gets the job done at the expense of our skin's health. Be mindful about what you are using on your skin and understand how you can create an optimal environment for it to glow.




You will need a high oil content, a high oil content is a great indicator that a cleanser will leave your skin feeling nourished vs stripped.


I like to use botanical, cold pressed oils that are rich in fatty acids to help restore the skin barrier.




I always try to treat my skin gently, so I avoid using abrasive wash clothes and spinning brushes. In the past, I believed the harder I scrubbed, the cleaner my skin would be, and the healthier it would look. That theory did not pan out.


Gently lathering the cleanser in circles with your fingertips is sufficient enough to get the job done.



Although surfactants can break down the skin barrier, there are some simple ways to prevent lasting damage from occurring.


1. Prevent the cleanser from absorbing into the skin by rinsing immediately after you have lathered.


2. Ensure that it is completely removed. I like to flush my face several times and then pat it dry with a microfiber towel just to be sure.




A few months later after working back and forth with a chemist, completing endless sample recipes, and finding the best possible combination of gentle & effective ingredient combinations, the Honey Calming Cleanser was completed.


There were so many times when I could have simplified this cleanser's formulating process or saved money by compromising on the ingredients, but after risking everything, removing my original cleanser from the shop, and dedicating hundreds of hours to this project, I wanted it to check every box.


This cleanser is a fragrance free skincare product that is also great for hormonal acne.


What makes this cleanser truly unique is how it starts out as a creamy honey consistency that emulsifies into a gentle lather leaving the skin feeling soft. Never tight and dry.


Made with one of the most innovative surfactants on the market: Sodium Surfactin. This surfactant makes up less than 1% of the final formula (Simply unheard of!) and it is extremely gentle and non irritating. It is among the great non toxic skincare ingredients that we use here at Lavender Meadows. It is also reef friendly.


Thank you for letting me share a part of my story with you. I hope that these tips help you along your skincare journey. Please reach out anytime if you have questions. 


If you would like to try our cleanser SHOP HERE.

April 21, 2022

5 Ways to Increase Skin Elasticity

I adore my dad even though he did pass on some pretty strong genetic characteristic traits. The most prominent being deep, visible forehead wrinkles. A nice, sophisticated look for him, but not a great look for me.


I have learned ways to hide these bad boys by keeping my skin supple & elastic. Now I am going to share these secrets with you..


It's important to start from the inside out. One way to support skin elasticity through nutrition is by getting enough collagen.


You can get collagen through a collagen supplement or by drinking bone broth. Collagen Supplements have been proven to effectively improve skin elasticity & decreases wrinkles.


This makes sense since collagen makes up about 75% of the dry weight our skin. Since collagen breaks down as we age, supplements are super important!


Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient for every skin type.


With its incredible ability to retain water, Hyaluronic Acid immediately plumps out the skin and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.


My favorite way to apply Hyaluronic Acid is the Drops of Neptune Serum because it is so concentrated that just a couple of drops gets the job done.


AHA acids are a great way to encourage new skin growth. Periodic use of AHA acids is a great way to turn a new leaf and start fresh.


AHA acids work to break down the glue that holds dead skin cells together. This encourages the generation of new cell growth, which reveals fresh, more elastic looking skin. AHA's come in many forms but I personally like to use the Whipped Parfait Fruit Exfoliation Mask.


You can keep your skin hydrated using moisturizers with Lamellar Emulsifiers. Emulsifiers allow water and oil to stay together, but lamellar emulsifiers go another step further..


These emulsifiers organize the water and lipids into the same pattern as the lipid bilayer of our skin. This allows the cream to penetrate deeper into our skin to provide long lasting hydration.


Creams made with lamellar emulsifiers provide so much hydration that you can visibly see skin appearing more smooth & plump.


One of the easiest things to do is to drink enough water and wear your SPF. It might sound simple, but it will have the biggest impact.


You know the drill but here is your friendly reminder :) Apply sun protection and drink at least 9 cups of water every single day! 


If you want to have the benefits of hyaluronic acid and fix uneven skin tone SHOP HERE.

If you want to have the benefits of lamellar emulsifier shop our skincare for smooth skin HERE.

April 21, 2022