Will I Ever Get My Pre-Pregnancy Body Back?

Celebrities and social media create the illusion that every mom can bounce back immediately after pregnancy. However, it's so important to remember that everyone's journey is unique. Let go of the pressure and redefine the standard by embracing the process of reviving and thriving. Your body has just accomplished an incredible feat, and it deserves love and appreciation.
June 29, 2023

Treating Hyperpigmentation During Pregnancy: Embracing Safe and Effective Alternatives

 Unfortunately, traditional treatments like retinol and high levels of synthetic vitamin C are not considered safe during pregnancy. In this blog, we will explore the risks associated with these treatments and introduce a pregnancy-safe alternative: our skincare company's Renewing Flower Serum with Bakuchiol. We will also discuss the pitfalls of synthetic vitamin C and highlight our Brightening Fruit Essence, which harnesses the power of natural vitamin C from fruits for a safe and radiant complexion.
May 26, 2023

How to Treat Wrinkles While Pregnant

Thankfully, there is an effective and natural alternative to retinol that is safe to use during pregnancy: Bakuchiol. Derived from the seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant, Bakuchiol has gained significant attention in the skincare world for its remarkable benefits. Unlike retinol, which is a synthetic compound, Bakuchiol is a naturally occurring plant extract, making it a fantastic choice for expectant mothers seeking a safe solution for treating wrinkles.
May 26, 2023

Empowering Your Breastfeeding Journey: Introducing Our Soothing Boob Balm

 I found myself surrounded by moms who nursed their babies with ease, while I struggled, feeling like a failure as my son wailed and resisted latching onto my breasts. The pain was excruciating, and I questioned my ability to continue. I needed support, but instead, I felt like a mere vessel rather than a valued human being. 
May 12, 2023

Essential Tips for a Comfortable Breastfeeding Journey: The Importance of Quality Breastfeeding Balm

Many moms assume they will figure it out as they go along, only to find themselves unprepared and in discomfort. Every mother deserves a comfortable breastfeeding journey, which is why having a quality breastfeeding balm on hand is essential.
May 12, 2023

Essential Tips for a Healthy Skin Healing Journey

By avoiding harsh surfactants, high pH products, excessive vitamin C, routine exfoliation, and being mindful of fragrance and essential oils, you can nurture your skin effectively and achieve a healthier complexion. Let's dive into these essential tips!
May 12, 2023

Treating Hormonal Acne Safely and Naturally During Pregnancy and Nursing

In my search for an effective and gentle remedy, I came across an intriguing ingredient called Bakuchiol flower extract. In this blog post, we'll explore how Bakuchiol can help address hormonal acne and its benefits for your skin during this delicate phase of your life.
May 12, 2023

Skincare Products to Avoid When Pregnant

As your body goes through hormonal shifts, you may notice differences in your skin texture, tone, and overall appearance. It's important to take care of your skin during pregnancy, but it's equally important to be mindful of the skincare products you use. In this article, we'll discuss what skincare to avoid during pregnancy and what you can use instead to support healthy, glowing skin.
April 22, 2023

Is Retinol Safe for Pregnancy?

While retinol is a popular ingredient in many skincare products for its ability to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration, it's not recommended for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that can be harmful to a developing fetus or infant. High doses of vitamin A have been linked to birth defects, so it's best to avoid using products that contain retinol during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, that doesn't mean you have to give up on your anti-aging skincare routine altogether.

April 22, 2023

What You Need To Know About Skincare Before You Breastfeed

I learned that I had to be my own spokesperson. It’s okay to ask for the things you need and expect more. As a postpartum skincare company, I know that you deserve better options. Products that prioritize your comfort and well-being.
April 12, 2023

How Do You Have Time for Self-Care When You Are Postpartum?

Self-care doesn’t have to be extravagant, but little moments of self-adoration can amount to so much over time. At Lavender Meadows Co., we believe that a mother’s care should never be an afterthought, that counts for the newly postpartum mom as well!
April 12, 2023

The Best Natural Postpartum Product Ingredients

Once you get to the hospital and meet your newborn baby, you are handed a postpartum kit filled with lanolin nipple cream, dermoplast for pain, cold pads for inflammation, and mesh underwear. Since no one took the time and care to offer you something different, you accept the kit, use it in the hospital, and take it home. You assume that whatever the nurses hand to you, are going to have your best interest and healing in mind. Surprisingly, this is far from the truth…

April 10, 2023