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I listened to a random podcast a while back. This man interviewed successful people and asked for their secrets to success.


He then implemented every one of them and became highly successful himself. 


One of the best pieces of advice that he got was to wake up early and go outside every morning. 


You use this time to meditate and plan your day in detail. 


After failing to maintain this habit a few months back, I am determined to stick with it this time. 


Stress, mom guilt, fatigue, and overwhelm are things that I struggle with often. I hoped this would make a difference. 


Well, it was actually a game-changer. 


After one week..


I am more motivated (despite lack of sleep from a fussy toddler).


I accomplished tasks that are important to me like running Lavender Meadows Co, making healthy meals, working out, and cleaning.


I also got to spend guilt-free time enjoying my family and caring for myself. 


So Here’s The Routine:

  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier than your kids and retreat to your quiet spot outside.
  • Turn off your notifications and set a timer for 10 minutes where you simply enjoy being outside and focus on just breathing in silence. I also use this time to read my scriptures and pray.
  • Then grab your planner or a piece of paper and write the top 3 things you want to get done that day. Beneath that write out your schedule for the day down to the minute.

Give yourself a realistic timeframe and structure your day so that you get time to work, play, and rest.


By planning out all the details of the day you will see what you realistically have time to do.


You will prioritize the things that are most important and you won’t feel stressed about the things you thought were important.


Not just that but your time will feel more impactful and you will feel empowered to accomplish your goals.


If one of your goals is to care for your skin to help prevent wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and breakouts, then you will be able to schedule for it and enjoy it. Instead of seeing it as another thing on your "to-do" list.


I hope this helps bring you more happiness and avoid stress like it did for me!

September 12, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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