Clarifying Oat Cleanser skincare for sensitive skin
Have you ever felt that super tight and dry feeling after washing your face? It's not just you, it's the type of cleanser that you are using, let me tell you why.
Many cleansers are too harsh and can deplete the ceramides in your skin. Ceramides are what moisturizes and strengthens the protective skin barrier and protects it from weather and pollution.
A lot of cleansers use what is called a Chemical Surfactant. A surfactant binds oil to water to create a lather that can then rinse off to leave a clean surface. These surfactants can strip your skin of moisture, which is where that tight and dry feeling comes from. Chemical surfactants can take up anywhere from 15% to 30% of a normal cleansers formula!
So by now you might be thinking, “Kyra, what should I use instead since cleansing is the first step to a skincare routine??” Here is my answer:
I do believe that cleansing is CRUCIAL to a healthy skincare routine. The best option is to use a cleanser that contains Bio Surfactants.
Because of the lather that Chemical Surfactants give, it is easy to think that the product is cleaning better. While a cleanser using a Bio Surfactant will not give as much lather, they clean just as effectively. They are also gentle and effective in small amounts.
Remember how I mentioned earlier that Chemical Surfactants can take up 15% to 30% of a normal cleanser? Well our Clarifying Oat Cleanser, containing Bio Surfactants, only takes up 1% of the product! Plus, it is safe for sensitive skin and the best skincare for pregnancy.
Let’s do a recap:
Cleansers containing a Chemical Surfactant will deplete your skin of proper Ceramides that help moisturize and protect your skin. This leaves your skin feeling tight and dry. The best alternative is a cleanser using BIo Surfactants, which are gentle, effective, and is needed in small amounts.
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September 09, 2022 — Aliciana Nyberg

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