I just wanted to share something that has been in my heart for the last few days...

There was a time that I struggled to be authentic in a world of filters and expectations of styled hair, painted nails, contoured makeup, trendy clothes, a fit figure, and tan skin.


As a previous marketing director, I felt pressure to look my best and meet these criteria.


I tried to meet societies expectations which caused me to disconnect from myself and feel unhappy. 


I believe that the more we surround ourselves with these kinds of expectations the harder it is to maintain our inner authenticity. The kind of authenticity that lights our eyes, inspires our children, and lifts those around us.


This journey to help women find confidence in their raw beauty has allowed me to seek out the things that make me feel genuine.


These things include nourishing my body with wholesome foods, moving it in daily exercise, getting fresh air, as well as nurturing the outside of my body by diligently caring for my skin and hair.


As I do this, I reconnect with myself and I am able to unapologetically show up as a better mother, wife, and friend.


Start by nourishing your skin with fragrance free skincare so that you can feel confident and shed off the layers of makeup and photo filters.


I can’t even begin to tell you the freedom and joy it brings me to finally wear and appreciate my natural skin.


Now you can too! Lavender Meadows Co is a dedicated to providing skincare for sensitive skin and skincare that is safe for pregnancy.


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May 02, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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