A few months ago, I became completely consumed with growing my business, Lavender Meadows, and being a full time mom.


I was working on several new projects like the Postpartum Care Package, business sales were steadily increasing, and I was adjusting to being at home with my son all day. Meanwhile my husband was immersed in his new doctorate program.


Life was crazy. I worked non stop. I didn’t give my body the nutrition it needed, I wasn’t getting enough sleep.


I often felt a lot of anxiety and stress. I also wasn’t getting the physical exercise my body needed.


Have you ever been there?


I decided that something needed to change and I kept looking for a quick fix. I thought of possible solutions like a new piece of technology for my business, hiring a sitter, signing up for a meal delivery service, or maybe even a house cleaner.


Then a miracle happened!


One day I ran across the profile of an old friend who is now a health coach. I partnered her to do a segment on nutrition and skin health. We also talked about the importance of non-toxic skincare ingredients.


After learning about her program, I decided to sign up because it offered two solutions to problems I was facing. It was a way to get some exercise and improve my nutritional habits.


I didn’t realize that those would be the two components that would solve everything else in my life.


Once I started giving my body the care it needed to function I had more energy, my motivational drive increased, and I was more content in my role as a mother.


I thought of new ways to increase efficiency in my motherhood skincare business and I had more energy to care for my son.


Exercise and eating healthy have become non negotiable in my life. I often catch myself wanting to work through lunchtime by grabbing a processed snack or skipping a workout.


I always remind myself that the dream is not worth living if I’m not living. When my body is strong I feel invincible and free. 


For those of you have already figured this out, keep rockin it! But for those of you who may have lost track of what is important, here is your reminder... you are the most important thing. It's not selfish, self care is vital.

April 26, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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