I love the idea of summer. Traveling, longer days, trips to the lake, and my son home from school.

But, all of that change shakes up my routine.

Since we don’t have our usual school routine, my son dictates my schedule. Suddenly I find myself with my hair unbrushed and my face unwashed logging into an afternoon Zoom meeting. Meal times are all over the place and as I try to manage I put my needs second.

After talking to other moms, I realize I’m not the only one. Is your routine also non-existent?

I’m trying to get back into a consistent routine because a) it keeps me sane, and b) this is how I see results–especially with my skin.

As we work towards healing and repairing our skin during pregnancy and postpartum, consistency is super important. Yes, with a consistent skincare routine, you see brighter, softer and healthier skin. But, most importantly, you get that much-needed sense of accomplishment and energy that comes from taking care of yourself.

Ready to get back into the routine?

  • Take advantage of your first trip to the bathroom to do your skincare

Once you’re in the bathroom stay there and do your skincare routine. After you leave, it’s hard to get yourself back in there and get ready, even if you tell yourself you will. By making this goal for yourself, you will start and end your day with some time for yourself, and with our easy-to-use, effective products, you will see results even if you are short on time.

  • Keep your main products at arms reach

Out of sight, out of mind. If you have the counter space, keep your skincare visible. The less effort it takes you to get your products, the more likely you are to use them. Create a special space for your skincare to make your routine feel like a treat - this will motivate you to reach for your products and establish some “me” time easily.

  • Replenish before you run out

This is your sign to get a new bottle of your daily-use products. Even better, sign up for our refill subscriptions so you get a fresh refill pouch just before you scrape the last bit off your moisturizer jar or pump out the last of your favorite serum. One less thing on your mind to worry about! This will make it easy to stick to your routine and always have your go-to products on hand!

  • Remind yourself that you deserve that time

It’s not selfish to have a moment for yourself, it’s a need and a necessity to show up better for yourself and your family. Your baby deserves a healthy momma who finds time for herself so she can show up better for her baby and her family.

If you need help creating a routine, I recommend starting with our Time to Repair Kit. Four simple steps to a healthy glow. It’s an easy investment and looks great on your bathroom counter - allowing you to create a moment of zen and create a consistent routine that will help you take time for yourself this summer and take back some regularity in your day!

Additionally, adding in products like our Lavender Body Cream and Herbal Relief Body Mist will keep your skin soft and offer some soothing relief through all the sunburns and mosquito bites. If your hair needs a little TLC during the heat of the summer, you can also incorporate our Kokaboo Hair Conditioner Bar which offers weightless hydration and amazing shine.

Another fun tip is to add in our Luminous Berry Oil to your skincare lineup - adding a few drops to your face, neck and décolleté can add a healthy glow and shimmer for when you need some extra hydration and boost of confidence during the summer, or any time of year!

Happy summer, beautiful mommas! We can’t wait to hear about how incorporating our products into your routine and making time for yourself helps improve your summer and create some balance in your day.

June 06, 2024 — Kyra Venable

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