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“Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving.”
Albert Einstein is the author of this quote. Due to his brilliant discovery in physics, I trust him!
If your skin is struggling,
don’t panic – keep moving
Googling cures and quick fixes without a plan is like veering all over the road. It can lead to lasting skin damage or…causing you to “crash into the neighbor's mailbox”.
Our skin goes through shifts and changes. Hormones, new medications, diet, stress, and sleep can all play a part.
You can learn more about hormonal triggers
Can I admit something? With the challenges of owning a business and all of life’s everyday demands, I had recently experienced what felt like a skin “disaster”. 
My skin looked dull and blotchy. I had deep cystic acne along with pimples that seemed to be everywhere. Until this point, I started to believe my skin was invincible. 
I had used our products for months and never felt better.
But, I was pushing myself harder than I had in a long time. 
I felt stressed, under immense pressure, and sleep-deprived. I ate tons of sugar (recovering sugar addict over here), and fast food - because I didn’t have time to cook, I also didn't drink enough water. To top it off, my period was around the corner.
As someone prone to breakouts and skin sensitivity, this was the perfect recipe for success, right??
NOPE. It was awful and frustrating and embarrassing. 
I wasn’t happy with where I was, so I made big shifts. 
I started organizing my life better. I started eating better, working out, going to bed earlier, drinking more water, and I minimized my skincare routine to whatever it needed that day
Some days my skin felt like it was barely holding together. 
On those days, I would use a
Cleansing Balm, Nourishing Cream, and SPF. 
On other days my skin felt oily and congested so I would use the
Clarifying Cleanser, Serum, and SPF.
I started to question everything… was it the skincare?
Crazy what our minds can do when we are desperate.
But I “kept pedaling”. It felt slow but everything started to balance out again.
My skin stopped feeling oily/itchy, pimples were fewer, cystic acne went away, and scars began to fade.
Today my skin feels hydrated, bright, and renewed. It’s not perfect but I am thrilled with the results.


These photos were taken exactly one week apart. Taken in the same location without makeup or editing.
Is this you? Do you need help coming up with a skincare plan? Feel free to write in the comments or reach out to us via social media or our
Contact Us Page. We are here to help you navigate these frustrating times and come up with a routine that will help you to keep pedaling and moving forward – we will get through this together!
For those that know what to do - you got this! Stick with it, keep pedaling, and give yourself grace. You are doing amazing.

Life will always have it’s ups and downs, it’s important to find balance and support where we can, even with something like a simple, steadfast skincare routine that will bring you confidence and make you feel beautiful, even on your toughest days.

June 19, 2024 — Kyra Venable

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