In these winter months your skin might feel more dry and tight from cold, windy weather and your heater stripping your skin of moisture, So, we have compiled Four Ways to Restore Dry Skin…

  • Replenish Moisture: Restore the Skin Barrie

  •  Don’t save your fancy face creams just for bedtime, because your skin needs to be   replenished often. Make sure you include face creams and humectant products like a serum. Essence or mist into your morning and night routine. Also, be sure to drink at least 11 cups of water, daily! (Grab our face cream HERE)

  • Slow Water Loss: Lock It All In

  • Slow trans-epidermal water-loss to keep your skin hydrated longer and lock in all the moisture you provided your skin. You can do this with oil based products like face oils and balms. ( Learn more about the Luminous Berry Oil HERE)

  • Protect the Barrier: Treat Your Skin Kindly

  • Protect your frontline defense aka, the Skin Barrier. Make sure you are careful to not over exfoliate, use a PH balanced cleanser, and use an SPF daily and reapply when you are outside. ( Find out what a gentle cleanser feels like HERE).

  • Diet Choices: Repair From the Inside Out

  • Feed your body nutrients for building collagen: Vitamin C- Oranges; Manganoese: Pineapple; Lysine and Threonine: Nuts & Seeds. ( Learn more about how diet effects your skin HERE)

    Leave a comment and let us know what you will be doing this winter to keep your skin moisturized!

    January 07, 2023 — Kyra Venable

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