Buying skincare can make you feel guilty sometimes… you feel guilty contributing to waste into landfills and on top of that, you’re spending so much on it every month.

Did you know that an estimated 120 BILLION pieces of skincare packaging are used each year and 70% ends up in landfills? Crazy, right?? It's not just the waste. The environmental impact begins the moment production begins. Including the fossil fuels to make and transport.

As a growing small business owner, I felt a responsibility to do things better. I spent a while trying to come up with a solution, and I think I came up with a good one…

I feel like Neil Armstrong when he first walked on the moon. “This is one small step for a man but one giant leap for mankind”. Okay, I’ll finally tell you what that solution is...

Refillable Skincare Pouches!

It is one small step that we can take to reduce our negative impact on the environment. And guess what…each refill pouch saves about 240 grams of total carbon impact. Plus, with each order, you also save 25% off the original cost!

I know things are tighter this year, but you deserve to feel your best. The cost of the refill pouches takes away that spending guilt, and allows our organic skincare to be available at a more accessible price. Soooo.. refill pouch subscriptions are available!!! Now, you’ll never run out of your favorite products.

Go ahead and treat yourself to refills of the best skincare for hormonal acne and shop during our Christmas Sale starting this Black Friday, HERE!

November 25, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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