As a mother, I often lose patience and allow stressful thoughts to occupy my mind. I want to tell you about a tool I recently discovered that has allowed me to gain some control over these thoughts.

Instead of looking at my “To Do" list as tasks that I have to do, I look at it as things I get to do. A “Get To Do" list! 

I began a few days ago when I thought: “I have to clean this messy kitchen and do all these dishes" big sighhh…. I decided to cut that train of thought right there and change it to, “I am so lucky to have my own kitchen". A simple adjustment to my frame of mind and suddenly I felt content and satisfied.

My husband and I have rented many apartments with tiny kitchens until we finally could purchase this home. I remember thinking that if I just owned a kitchen that could comfortably fit our family, I would be happy forever. How is it that with so much to be grateful for, we still always focus on the things we don't have?

So here is your challenge…

Anytime your thoughts begin to get the best you, adjust your frame of mind to instead focus on what you get to do!

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November 26, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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