After going through labor, you are exhausted and feel pain in places you never thought you could before. You would think that the products you receive after giving birth would be safe and healing to your body, but they only offer temporary comfort, and don't promote healing and lasting relief. These products include a spray and pads that contain Benzocaine and Menthol. These ingredients are topical anesthetics that provide temporary numbness, but the duration of its effect is only about 5-10 minutes. 


I don’t know about you, but I was throbbing for a lot longer than 5-10 minutes postpartum!! Just sayin’. 


They also contain Methylparabens which have been shown to cause endocrine disruption (yikes!).


As a licensed pharmacy technician I have seen gaps in the pharmaceutical industry and now with my training as a formulator, I understand how those gaps can be filled. I use organic, pesticide free, medicinal plant ingredients. My products are safe for sensitive skin and provide incredible relief for inflamed or itchy areas. 


In short: I formulate with ingredients that assist in your body’s healing process and don’t just provide you temporary relief. 


These ingredients can be found in the many products in our Postpartum Care Package!


So Momma, did you know you have more options than the ones that are handed to you? Experience the difference for yourself or welcome another to motherhood in the way she deserves with our new mom care package, HERE.


November 28, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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