When you have skin insecurities it is tempting to do what everyone else does. You want a quick fix that will take away the frustration and embarrassment.

I fell for it once. I got on an aggressive prescription called Accutane during high school. It wore off after a few years and my skin was worse than before.

As a pharmacy technician, I would hand out a lot of skin prescriptions, but something never felt right about it. I wondered why there weren’t more natural remedies to support skin healing. Most skincare products focus on synthetic ingredients. Then they sprinkle in a few natural ones.

At Lavender Meadows Co., we do the opposite. We fully harness the remedies Mother Nature has gifted us. We know that they contain powerful properties that cannot be recreated in a lab. 

Fruits that are rich in antioxidants help prevent the breakdown of collagen.

Oils and butters pressed from seeds that can nourish and hydrate.

Flowers with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties that renew damaged skin.


Most important - pregnancy-friendly ingredients. All of our products are safe when pregnant and safe when breastfeeding!


You can treat acne with our skincare for hormonal acne, wrinkles, and treat hyperpigmentation naturally, while feeling confident about the safety of your baby’s health.

Are you ready to switch to a safer option for your skincare? Let us know in the comments!

January 20, 2023 — Kyra Venable

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