I believe in living a life of authenticity!

This means you don't have to..

  • Always dress on trend

  • Have flawless skin

  • Get an important degree

  • Have a home straight out of a magazine

You can rock a ponytail, find pure joy in being “just a mom”, and have a traditional home filled with love.

Find freedom as you embrace the body that you were given.

Gain knowledge and skills in unexpected ways.

Unapologetically live the life that feels authentic to you.

When pressure surrounds you, what do you do to bring more authenticity to your life?

Here are responses that I received when I posed this question on social media..

“When I feel pressure or stress, I like to make sure I'm taking time for the things that calm me and bring me joy - snuggles with my pup, painting my nails, sharing a meal with a friend.”

"I slow down"

I love hearing this advice from our tribe of resilient women!

They teach us that we can escape pressure when we find joy in simple things and live more fully in the moment.
January 05, 2022 — lmc-admin

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