Can you fill in the blank? If I could change _____ about my appearance then I would be confident.

I believed that if I had clear skin, then I finally could, and would be a confident person.

The truth is that confidence does not come in any one product or package. It doesn’t even come with those products that do deliver results. Confidence comes after achieving self-love, and relinquishing false beliefs. 

 Why are limiting false beliefs harmful?

False beliefs and expectations regarding our own appearance have power to create harmful mind states or the feeling of being upset without really knowing why. Perhaps there is a comment someone made many years ago that still frequently creeps into your subconscious, or maybe you compare yourself to the unrealistic beauty standards constantly on display in today’s world.

How can we change self limiting false-beliefs?

Identify where those beliefs originate and write them down. As you do this you will see the magnitude of self-doubt you have subconsciously carried all this time. At the time the self-doubt was first instilled in your mind you were not in a place to contend it, but maybe you are now. By understanding the fear behind our self-limiting beliefs, we can begin to let these damaging thoughts leave. 

Letting go of these small thoughts and beliefs one by one is the first step in gaining confidence, and confidently beginning to love yourself. 

At Lavender Meadows Co., we believe that every Mother is special and deserves to feel confident in her own skin. You matter, and this is your permission to love yourself, and out yourself first. 

Leave a comment to start a conversation, what is a limiting belief you are committing to let go of?

December 26, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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