If you have acne-prone skin, you probably know how tricky it can be to find a good moisturizer. Maybe you are pregnant or postpartum and are experiencing hormonal acne for the first time, and you have no idea how to treat your inflamed skin. 


If you Google search or look up videos on Youtube for the perfect remedy, you might find that people are saying to stay away from oil-free and butter-free moisturizers. I once believed that this was good advice, and thought that a moisturizer containing oils and butters would clog up my pores and make me breakout. But I learned something that noone is talking about!


Occlusives are oils and butters that sit on the surface of the skin. This can trap existing bacteria inside the pore leading to a pimple. The good news is that there are some butters and oils that sink easily into the skin and are safe for acne.


I learned that Non Occlusive oils and butters are safe for acne prone skin. I researched and tested myself and found dry oils (high in linoleic acid) and butters that are highly emollient (sink into the skin) did not clog my pores.


Instead they provided enough hydration to keep my skin balanced and not overcompensating with more oil production.


I put the best ones like grape seed, raspberry seed, kokum butter, and Mango seed butter in a cream called Nourishing Origin CreamFinally a cream that can quench dryness and be safe for acne!


Red Raspberry Seed Oil helps to prevent skin discoloration and loss of firmness, It also soothes inflammation. Look for raspberry seed oil in skincare to reduce redness. Mango Seed Butter repairs the skin barrier and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.


So while all the information that oils and butters can clog your pores is true, there are some that are not only safe for acne-prone skin, but safe for pregnancy as well. We stay away from the typical acne treatments so you can use safe skincare when pregnant.


Using a facial cream is crucial if you want to fade wrinkles naturally. So don't miss out on all the benefits!


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October 04, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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