Have you ever felt like your appearance was at your worst and no matter what you did, nothing made you feel better?

Maybe your spouse, family member, or friend tried to reassure you by telling you how beautiful you were, but it didn’t make a difference in how you felt.

I’ve been there too. My husband always told me that I looked good without makeup on, but I used to roll my eyes because it felt like he didn’t understand. When I looked in the mirror, I immediately honed in on all the areas of redness, dullness, pimples, large pores, and forehead wrinkles.I wanted to feel confident without makeup, but I didn’t think it was possible. In fact, my skin got worse before it got better.

I began my journey to find natural skincare ingredients that could help my skin. Despite all of the natural and clean brands out there today, none of them seemed to fully meet my needs or standards. All of that searching and disappointment led to the products I offer today. I did my research and even received a certification from Formula Botanica to make sure that what I create is safe and effective. With my knowledge I created skincare safe for pregnancy and sensitive skin.

With my formulations, my skin is more bright, glowy, hydrated, and even. It’s not perfect (because perfection does not exist!) however, I finally feel free in my skin and I no longer want to cover it in makeup. Several others have had this experience with my products as well!

I am so confident in these products, I want you to experience it too and you have an opportunity to do that now! We are coming out with sample sizes of our Best Selling Skincare Kit. It launches on October 12th at 7AM. But you have to be quick because last year, the mini set sold out within days!

If you haven’t yet, sign up for our VIP text community so you don’t miss it. 

P.S. I’ll be sending an amazing BONUS to our text community on launch day!

October 07, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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