The confusion over essential oils was beyond frustrating to me. Mixed messages claiming them to be pain relieving, anti inflammatory, tissue repairing, anti microbial, etc. and others saying they can cause neuro toxicity, allergic reactions, and sensitization. Can you relate?

 So I took a course from a cosmetic chemist to find out once and for all the answers to my questions!

 What I learned is that essential oils are not equal in terms of their chemical composition and atom structure.

 Oils differ based on the plant they are sourced from! Some oils can be volatile with a small molecular weight and they will oxidize quickly. These oils can be irritating and sensitizing to the skin.

Essential Oils are classified according to the functional family they sit in and the terpenes they are made up of. Once you understand how certain terpenes effect the skin, you can decipher which oils are safe.

My goal is to create skincare with wholesome, soothing, and calming ingredients backed by science. Formulations gentle enough to use on your child’s tender skin. Products that provide the best skincare for pregnancy, skincare to reduce redness, and safe skincare when breastfeeding.

 Every single ingredient is carefully selected for its skin soothing and strengthening properties and I will always adapt my products when I learn that there is way to improve the health of your skin! 

Don't take it from me, see what one of my customers has to say:

  "My skin is not only sensitive, but it flakes type of dry and breaks out easily. I have thoroughly been enjoying the hydrating and nourishing feeling of this cream on my skin. A little goes a long way, it isn't heavy and causing break outs or leaving me greasy and shiny. I am hydrated and feeling confident in my skin." -Erica

December 02, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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