Last week I traveled to Utah for my sister in law’s wedding. This unplanned trip was a great opportunity to see family and create new memories (especially when hurricane speed winds blew through the reception). As much as I loved the trip, the stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition that comes with traveling caught up to me and my skin broke out. 

So what do you do when your skin breaks out?


It may surprise you to know that I did not change a single thing in my skincare routine. I continued washing my face, applying essence, serum, facial cream and SPF, using Lavender Meadows Co., skincare for hormonal acne and sensitive skin. I didn’t exfoliate, or scrub my face, or pick at my skin. I didn’t do any of that because I know that the blemishes on my face were directly correlated to the environmental and internal factors that occurred during my trip.


 The best thing that I can do for my skin right now is to find some calm by saying no to extra outings and activities, getting some restorative sleep, fueling my body with the right nutrition, and continuing to nourish my skin barrier.


 It has only been one day of good sleep, healthier food, and some stress relief and my skin is already clearer. I know that if I had taken out my frustrations with an aggressive skincare approach instead of looking internally, my skin barrier would be weakened and my skin would be worse off.


Having a better understanding of my skin gives me much more patience and self appreciation!


How can you be kinder to your skin today? Drop a comment on this blog and let me know!

December 03, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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