A little while ago I had an Instagram Live interview with Kelly Carter, CNP titled: Heal the Gut for Healthy Skin. In this interview we learned how your skin and gut health are tied together and what you can do to improve your gut health. 


Here is the recap..

  1. A leaky gut causes skin inflammation.
  2. A leaky gut happens when undigested food, toxins, or pathogens escape through the gut lining into the bloodstream.
  3. Processed food is a big contributing factor and is a huge portion of the American diet.
  4. Stress will escalate a leaky gut.
  5. Food sensitivities are often frowned upon by western medicine, however they are often tied to a leaky gut.
  6. You don't have to make drastic life changes, small steps in the right direction and swapping out certain foods will make all the difference.

I also loved that Kelly brought up how many of us strive for perfection and if we can't achieve it then we often give up


We are human and we won't always do the right things for our health, but we can love ourselves anyway and start again tomorrow.


At Lavender Meadows Co, while we obviously love a healthy skincare routine, we believe that taking care of your body is equally as important, and it has a big impact on the health of your skin. To add, having a skincare routine that is organic, with natural ingredients and is safe when pregnant and safe when breastfeeding is valued as well.

Did you know that gut health can affect your skin? Let me know in the comments.

December 05, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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