Before I started this business I constantly felt the need to prove myself to others. 

 As a new mom, I felt the need to prove that I could raise my child to be smart and well behaved.

As the Marketing Director for a nursing home during COVID, I felt immense pressure to defy all odds and to fill the building with patients so that my coworkers did not have to cut their hours.

As a daughter, I wanted to show my parents that I could be successful and independent.


As an active member of my church, I felt that I needed to maintain high standards at all times.


I wish that I knew then what I know now…You do not have to prove yourself to anyone and your self worth is not determined by others, but it is determined by you and how you value yourself.


When I finally understood this I felt confident enough to start a business, to raise my child in the way that he needed to be raised, to measure success based on my level of happiness, and to learn that God would take me as I am and show me the way.

As mom’s we tend to put high expectations on ourselves, and our self-care is always an afterthought. You take care of your family and those around you day-in and day-out, leaving little time to fill your cup. That’s why I created Lavender Meadows Co., to make sure that Mommas are taken care of as well. I carefully formulated premium skincare to meet the needs of a mom. I made skincare for hormonal acne, to treat acne that comes up during pregnancy and postpartum. It is also safe skincare when pregnant, and safe skincare when breastfeeding, because I know you want to do all you can to use products that are safe for your baby. 


If you can relate to any of this, I challenge you to let go of the high expectations you have set for yourself, and allow yourself to have some self time to focus on you.

December 07, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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