Putting your face on?” My husband would say, rolling his eyes.

This saying always drove me crazy. He didn’t understand. I had to do a full face of makeup to feel fully confident in my appearance. I loved the way contouring helped shape my cheekbones and lift my features. The highlights brightened my skin and made it glow.

After I had my son, a full face of makeup became less practical. I always felt a bit undone in my appearance. So, I used my skincare (skincare that will fade hyperpigmentation naturally, and the best skincare when pregnant, and best best skincare when breastfeeding) to repair scars, blemishes, and even out my skin tone. I gained a new sense of confidence in my natural appearance. Even though I loved how my skin transformed, something was still missing. I wanted that shimmering glow that I once had when I applied highlighter.

That’s why I created the Luminous Face Oil. It gives my skin a warm sun-kissed glow and makes the texture appear more elastic. It contains acne-safe oils that absorb nicely into the skin and calm inflammation. It is filled with antioxidants derived from fruit extracts, and will lock in moisture throughout the day.

I learned a technique called Gua Sha to apply it and my skin felt more firm and lifted. You use a Gua Stone to relieve tension, sculpt skin, and increase circulation. It also promotes lymphatic drainage. I not only use it for its health and beauty benefits, but I also use it as a form of self-care and stress relief. It is so relaxing to use at the end of the day to unwind and feel tension melt away.

That's why I decided to add Gua Stone's to our website, so that you can enjoy the benefits and relaxation that they bring as well!

If you are reading this in time, you can get a Gua Sha Stone for FREE, with the purchase of the Luminous Berry Oil, until Sunday December 11th, 2022. If you are reading this after, you can check out the bundle HERE, to enjoy luminous and lifted skin.

December 10, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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