It’s the time of year when you are getting teacher gifts and small presents for your neighbors. This can be a daunting task when you hardly know the person you are buying for, and you know they will be receiving all of the generic gifts they get every year. You want it to be unique, but something they will actually use.

You find yourself packing up your kids and running to Target. The kids are getting antsy, and you have been staring at the same 10 items for the past 30 minutes. You finally decide on a basic holiday mug.

You go to self-checkout and bump into another mom from your son's class. You notice that they have the SAME EXACT mug in their hand. “Teacher gift?” they ask…”Yes…” you say in exasperation. Back to the drawing board it is…

When you get home you start to mindlessly scroll on your phone, when you see an Ad for Lavender Meadows Co. Raspberry Lip Balm. You learn that it is convenient, easy to carry, and instantly hydrates cracked and dry lips. It is also made with natural ingredients and tastes like a delicious Raspberry treat!

Finally, a gift that they can use everyday and won’t be forgotten on the kitchen counter or stuffed in the miscellaneous drawer. It even comes in a gorgeous giftable box for the season!

Are you on the hunt right now for the perfect teacher or neighbor gift? Don’t thank them for their efforts with a last-minute mug, and get them the Raspberry Cream Lip Balm this Christmas. 

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November 11, 2022 — Kyra Venable

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