Imagine this:

You are in the hospital and have just given birth to your beautiful baby. Your life is changed forever…

You just spent hours in labor working hard to give birth to your baby (you go, Mama!). Although you are delighted to finally meet your baby, you are exhausted and you feel pain all over, especially "down there". 

The nurse comes in and hands you a small kit to help you recover. The one thing in there to give you relief is a spray called "Dermoplast". After you use it you feel relief, but only for a short period of time. You are sent home with these supplies and still sore and in pain. 

After a little research you find this…

Benzocaine (dermoplast) can cause itchiness, tenderness, and swelling. "Topical benzocaine usage is not recommended in patients that have deep wounds, lesions, or severe burns.” 

You are shocked, you can believe you were handed this at the hospital!! And then you quickly google "what is the best Perineal Spray to use postpartum?" (Which might be why you're reading this).

Yes! What you just read about Dermoplast is absolutely true, and mind boggling that so many women have been deceived to believe that it will actually help them. On top of that, many new moms are encouraged by their provider to use a sitz bath or use Epsom salts. Most are filled with fragrances and dyes which can exacerbate open sores from hemorrhoids or vaginal tears.

This is why we created our Herbal Relief Body Mist. This is a Perineal spray that promotes healing with all-natural ingredients. 

Here are the top ingredients:


Chamomile hastens wound drying and the process of epithelialization, which is important for the wound to successfully close. In a study, the antimicrobial activity of the chamomile extract showed a 61% reduction in the size of the wound, higher rate of epithelialization, as well as increased restoration of injured skin.


Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and increases collagen synthesis. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to provide lasting relief to the affected area.

The spray applies in a thin mist and provides instant, long-lasting relief. Plus, it is fragrance free to ensure there is no irritation.

Now, you can have pain relief that is safe, effective, and actually promotes healing. 

Check out the Herbal Relief Body Mist HERE

February 25, 2023 — Kyra Venable

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